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The Challenge includes two separate workbooks:

Your very own 10 Page fillable, printable Simple Living Workbook that outlines each daily challenge

BONUS: A Morning Pages Workbook, to show you how to start journaling!


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Hi, I’m Judy, Blogger and Baker in Residence here at

You Can Live Rich On Less

I’ve been searching for The Simple Life for what seems like forever.   So here at You Can Live Rich On Less, we focus on Simple Living.  Life should be easy right? 

One of my favorite treats is to eat pie standing at the sink, no calories!  Baking is my Happy Place, and because we’re a busy family we love Easy Dinner Recipes!  You too?

I’m married to Mark, and we have embraced “Living Small” so that we can travel to wonderful places like Rome.   

Oh and I’m a Grandma too! What’s your biggest challenge?  I’d love to hear from you!

7 Tips to Help You Find Your Path to Simple Living

Tip #1:

Look for joy in your daily life.   Simple things like:

– Picking up a bunch of fresh cut flowers on the way home from work. 
– Take your lunch break in the park and enjoy the sound of birdsong. 
– What about having some friends over for a potluck on the weekend

The best way to find joy? 

 Grab your coffee, put your feet up & just be quiet for a time.


 We call this Hygge and being cozy.  xo

Tip # 2:

Return to the basics when it comes to food.  Food that not only nourishes the body, but the soul as well.  Like our Very Best Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake! 


Easy Family Meals, with a focus not only being easy to prepare, but BIG in flavor as well.
Sharing food with family and friends is one of the best ways I know to celebrate life.  Preparing the meal together is even more fun! Just go to instagram and search under #familydinner.

Leave the drive thru lanes, and start to prepare healthy and hearty meals.  You will not only feel better, but it will give you more together time.

We’ve got lots of amazing recipes to help!

Tip # 3:

Learn to practice self-care. What does that mean? Taking time for you, and leaving multi-tasking at work.

Have you tried journaling, or writing Morning Pages? We can help with that.
Want some Inspiration When You’re Feeling Down? We’ve 26 motivational quotes to keep you going.

You may think you don’t have time for any of it, but really you do. And we want you to take care, because you are really awesome, you know?

Tip # 4:

Have you thought about Living Small or wondered just what that means?  The Tiny House movement has been very popular for several years now. 

Living small can include so many different types of housing – apartments, smaller homes, trailers, cottages, tiny houses, RVs.
We moved into an RV almost three years ago, and I’m happy to share our experiences so that you can learn just what it’s like!

We left our big old house in suburbia behind and haven’t look back.

We have a list of questions you can consider, tips and tricks for RV living, and how to guides. 

You may not be ready for such a drastic change, but even the ‘getting ready’ part is helpful when you start to downsize and declutter!!

Tip # 5:

Practice the Home Arts and learn a new skill.  Have you tried to make pie crust?  Well you’re in the right place!

We have lots of recipes, How to Guides, and videos to help you make the flakiest pie crust!  Why not get some friends together and have a pie baking party?

You can learn together (and laugh together) bake a bunch of yummy pies, and go home with lots of goodies for your freezer.

Did you know that pies make awesome gifts?

Tip # 6:

We all want more time! We rush around like crazy, trying to fit everything in to one day.  Simple Living removes distractions, and includes mindfulness, so that we aren’t barreling through our days on autopilot.

We do need to plan our time so that we can achieve all the wonderful things we dream about.  Like fitting in a yoga class, taking in your child’s concert or hockey game.  What about some extra time for your parents.

We look at Bullet Journals and include videos and how to guides to show how this trendy planner can actually help us along the path to simple living.

Tip # 7: 

Simple Living means different things to different people.  This is not a homesteading or back-to-the land type of blog. 

We simply want to help you embrace simplicity in a number of ways

that will reduce your stress, free up time and often money so that you can pursue your heart’s desire. 

And you really may not know right at this moment what your heart’s desire is.
But that’s ok.
We’ve talked about so many things already, I think I’ll just leave it here.
Let you think about it, what living more simply would mean for you.  It’s just

so different for everyone.

For years it was just a dream for me.  I wanted more time to write and to travel and not have to worry about money.   

Now it’s a reality, and I’m so grateful everyday.  

How did I finally find The Simple Life?  My About page tells you most of the story.
But I’m here to help you find your path.
I hope you will drop by often, and know that this is your community too.

And I love to get mail!

Please email me anytime at all. 

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