What Does It Mean To Live A Simple Life? 7 Easy Tips To Get You Started!

What Does It Mean To Live A Simple Life? 7 Easy Tips To Get You Started!

What does it mean to live a simple life? These 7 tips will guide you to simplicity & show the benefits of simple living.Includes mindfulness, journaling, #living with intention, #living simply,

What does it mean to live a simple life?

Well, what does Simple Living mean to you?

I ask this because I’ve found that it means so many different things and depends on where you are in life.

Maybe you just want to get off the 9 to 5 treadmill and live at a slower pace.

Or you find that you now have this lovely home but you really only live in about 600 square feet of it.

Simple living for you would mean more time to just be.

Yes I get all of this and more!

This is the 3rd article of a three-part series about living simply. The three posts include:

  1. Could you live in an RV Full time?
  2. A beginner’s guide to getting ready for full time RVing
  3. What Does It Mean to Live a Simple Life?


This article is your guide to Simple Living.  What it is and how to get there.  We will cover:

  1. What is simple living and what’s in it for me?
  2. How do I know if I need to simplify my life
  3. What does it mean to live a simple life
  4. Will living simply get rid of my stress? Make me Happier?
  5. How do I simplify my life and learn to live simply
  6. Living simply, living happily, living intentionally
  7. Benefits of living simply

Throughout the post I’ll share some of my personal experiences as well and those of others.

Just to give some clarification and to demonstrate that people are adapting simplicity into their lives everyday.  And they feel really good about it.

So let’s jump right in, ok?

  1. What is simple living and what’s in it for me?

Simple living for me means:

  • Living small

  • Reducing my stuff

  • Mindfulness

Now we definitely live small now, having sold our home in surburbia a few years back.  Now we live, for the most part in a 480 square foot RV, and since I still work full time, a 700 square foot apartment in the city where I work.

Definitely living small.

Could you do that?

Wiki says “Simple living encompasses a number of different voluntary practices to simplify one’s lifestyle. ………Simple living is distinct from those living in forced poverty, as it is a voluntary lifestyle choice.”

I was talking to a friend just last night about it, when she asked about the blog and how everything was going.  So as I was telling her about the change in focus, from just recipes to Simple Living and Food, she jumped right in.

She told me they had a lovely home, but really only lived in about 600 square feet of it.  They didn’t need all the extra space for sure, and definitely wish they had the money in their pockets, that they once had when living in a tiny apartment.

My friend Anne travels all over the world, and had just returned from Asia.

Oh yes, I know those feelings!

What does it mean to live a simple life? These 7 tips will guide you to simplicity & show the benefits of simple living. Includes mindfulness, journaling, technology fasts, living small, and slowing down to fully live. #simpleliving #voluntarysimplicity #mindfulness #minimalism #simplelivingtips #simplelivinglifestyle #savingmoney
  1. How do I know if I need to simplify my life

One of the easiest ways I know of to examine what’s really going on in our lives is to write it down.  Kind of like a what the current situation is and then another list of where you would like it to be.

We use this method in our family all the time – especially when it comes to big decisions.  What are the pros and cons of the current situation and do a comparison of what we think we would like or where we should be.

If you are truly honest with yourself, you will be able to see very easily, where your life is out of balance, and what are the things you would like to include, but can’t for a number of reasons – ie) no money, not enough time, too scared.

Does that make sense?

So let’s do this exercise together.

Make a list of the same things you do every day.  Pick about eight.  I’ll make a list with you.

  1. Get up and let the dogs out
  2. Make coffee
  3. Feed the dogs
  4. Journal – morning pages
  5. Check Facebook
  6. Make a second cup of coffee
  7. Check google analytics
  8. Check Facebook & emails some more
  9. Think about my day – what I would like to accomplish

Ok, I ended up with 9

Does your list look this?  Well maybe not the dogs part.  And my sweetie is a night owl, so he gets up much later than I do, typically.

Now journaling or morning pages – that’s something I’ve been doing my entire adult life – I spend about 15 to 20 minutes there and I don’t want to give it up.  However, what I have been noticing is that my  TO DO list is creeping into my morning pages.


The other thing that’s creeping into my morning pages?  Negative thoughts.  Negative thoughts that I didn’t exercise yesterday.  Ate too many potato chips (my kryptonite).  And stared at my imperfect body in the mirror.

You’d think at the age of 62 I would let go of all the fad diets, and just be.  Be accepting and loving of myself.

Simplicity is letting go of perfection.  Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Simple Living expert Janet Luhrs, author of the bible of the simplicity movement says “Simplicity makes my whole life feel like mine – rather than feeling like I’m living someone else’s life.”  If that strikes a chord, keep reading.

So back to the simplicity of morning pages and journaling.  The purpose of journaling this way – a free fall of writing early in the morning is to clear my head of the junk, so that feel energized and able to get on with my day.  It is not supposed to be my daily planner.  It is in fact a writing meditation.

I think I could probably jump right into writing first thing, with that second cup of coffee.  I’m at my best early in the morning and the creative juices are flowing.    I think I could knock off a big chunk of writing every morning.

What’s does your list look like?  I imagine you have Facebook scroll time too, and checking your emails.  Is there something else you would like to start your day doing other than this?  Does your list include some morning yoga, or meditation?

What about more time with your kids, or honey before getting everyone off to school and work.  Or time to have breakfast together.    And breakfast time doesn’t mean everyone is plugged in to their phones.  It means honest conversation – or just eating breakfast and enjoying the togetherness.

What a wonderful way to start the day!  So I think you get the idea.    I’ve also created a printable checklist for you to download and print so you can do this test again.


In The Science of Happiness, Time Magazine says…..

Find the activity that allows you to settle your mind, emotions and desires so that you become grounded in the present.

What does it mean to live a simple life? These 7 tips will guide you to simplicity & show the benefits of simple living. Includes mindfulness, journaling, technology fasts, living small, and slowing down to fully live. #simpleliving #voluntarysimplicity #mindfulness #minimalism #simplelivingtips #simplelivinglifestyle #savingmoney
  1. What does it mean to live a simple life What is a simple lifestyle


How can we live a stress free and simple life?

Many of us look at simple living or the simple life as an ideal, a lifestyle that would solve all of our problems.

Well I’m here to tell you that you can downsize your home, hit the open road in an RV and change jobs, but if you aren’t really getting to the heart of the matter, those problems will travel right along with you.  Right?

Simple living is about making choices.  Choices about money, like saving money so that you can take that wonderful trip.  Simplicity is not about running up tons of debt so that you can have that new shiny thing.  Maybe your laptop is seven years old, but if it still does everything you need, why buy a new one?

Simplicity is driving your old clunker because all you really need is a method of transportation right?  Or going from two cars to one.  We did that, and never looked back.   The money we saved was substantial.

Simplicity is all about choices, habits, your daily routine.  For some of us boredom keeps us from finding simplicity since we fill boredom with food, Facebook, and mindless behaviours.

What if we took that time and really allowed ourselves to rest, exercise, have a meaningful conversation, give time to a charity, or just be?

What if you reached the end of your life, and you had the chance to look at everything you had done, what would be the one thing you would regret?

That’s easy for me – too much scrolling time, and not spending that time with loved ones.  And, worrying about my weight and not being happy with myself, inside and out.

What would your regrets be?

What does it mean to live a simple life? These 7 tips will guide you to simplicity & show the benefits of simple living. Includes mindfulness, journaling, technology fasts, living small, and slowing down to fully live. #simpleliving #voluntarysimplicity #mindfulness #minimalism #simplelivingtips #simplelivinglifestyle #savingmoney

4.  How do I simplify my life and learn to live simply

“Real luxury is not working like a maniac to take an expensive vacation–it is living a life you enjoy every day.”  Kathy Gottberg, Rightsizing * a Smart Living 365 Guide to Reinventing Retirement

Morning routines, declutter, give away stuff, mindfulness, journaling, gratitude, affirmations And you know the changes do not need to be drastic.

This isn’t about telling your boss exactly what you think and walking away from your job.  But it might me.  This isn’t a back to the land book, where you sell up your house and everything in it and go live in the woods like Thoreau.

Although you may have a yen to travel and decide to hit the open road full time in an RV.  We’ve got that covered for you too!   Simple living is about grabbing life by the throat and living every moment.

It is not about going through each day on auto pilot, doing the things you usually do, just because you have always done them.   It’s kind of like Carpe Diem meets Oprah – and her “Live Your Best Life” mantra.

You may live in a high-rise apartment in the middle of the biggest city, and absolutely love that lifestyle!  And that’s awesome for you!

There is still an opportunity for you to bring mindfulness to the forefront, to examine your routines, and really look at the things you do that bring you joy and fill you with energy, vs. the things you do that are mind numbing, soul sucking that need to be kicked to the curb.


You deserve it! You deserve to be happy!

I’ve included a one-week challenge to get you started.  Totally optional of course, but I really believe that we only achieve our goals by doing.  Reading about simple living is one thing, but now you have the information it’s time to put your phone, table or laptop away. 

And just get started.  Right now.

5.  Will living simply get rid of my stress? Make me Happier?

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated, Confucius

  So let’s go back to the list you made and really think about the mindless things you do everyday, the ones on auto pilot.  You made a decision one day maybe a very long time ago, to include them in your life.

There was a reason then, but maybe that reason is gone now?  Yet you just keep doing it.

  • Watching the news every night from 6 to 7
  • Grabbing takeout on the way home every night because you are too tired to cook
  • Commuting three hours to and from work everyday so that you can afford a bigger house
  • Running up your credit card on a shopping spree after a bad day at work

One of the most powerful books I’ve read in a long time, that I think fits really well with changing our mindset, so that we can refocus on the simple things in life that are really important to us is the #5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins.  

I will be forever grateful to Mel for the creation of this book, and all that comes with it.   Like her 31 day coaching sessions!

You will this book along with some other really awesome books that focus on the Simple Life and Simple living lifestyle.

What does it mean to live a simple life? These 7 tips will guide you to simplicity & show the benefits of simple living. Includes mindfulness, journaling, technology fasts, living small, and slowing down to fully live. #simpleliving #voluntarysimplicity #mindfulness #minimalism #simplelivingtips #simplelivinglifestyle #savingmoney
  1. Living simply, living happily, living intentionally

I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures, Lao Tzu Stress is reduced, and your life fills with purpose, and meaning.   “I think we like to complicate things when it is really quite simple. Find what it is that makes you happy and who it is that makes you happy and you’re set. Promise”, Unknown

What does it mean to live a simple life? These 7 tips will guide you to simplicity & show the benefits of simple living. Includes mindfulness, journaling, technology fasts, living small, and slowing down to fully live. #simpleliving #voluntarysimplicity #mindfulness #minimalism #simplelivingtips #simplelivinglifestyle #savingmoney

7.  Benefits of living simply

Live simply so that others may live.  Mother Teresa

There are so many!  Financial benefits, health benefits, relationship benefits just to name a few.  Simplicity and living simply gives you more time.  Yep, I thought that would get your attention.

Once you start down the path of living simply, and the mindless habits fall by the wayside, you will be amazed at what you can do.   I decided I wanted more energy and more time and I definitely have that now that I no longer mindlessly:

  • Watch TV
  • Scroll through Facebook and emails
  • Stuff myself with junk food while doing those things

You see, by eliminating the boredom, and these things I was doing to alleviate my boredom, hours have opened up that I fill with writing and running this blog.  More importantly I am healthier and sleep better because I now have a 20 minute exercise routine morning and night.

But it’s hard to do this stuff on your own, I will admit.  What helps me is hearing Mel Robbins in my head.  “You have to push yourself, parent yourself to do these things, that will not only benefit you in the long run, but help you achieve your goals” Now I’m paraphrasing for sure, but I give all of the credit to Mel.

Don’t believe me?  Watch her TED talk, or better yet, get her book #5 Second Rule.  It’s a game changer.

And what does simple living have to do with full time RVing?   Well, I’m glad you asked!   Living full time in an RV and either traveling or staying put is all about simplicity.  There is no room for clutter, there is way more togetherness time, and life takes on a simple eb and flow.

Friends and neighbours drop by to say hello, or help with a task, like clearing your gutters or repairing your deck.   BBQs quickly become potlucks, and a freshly baked pie becomes and excuse to invite the neighbors over for coffee.  But you probably won’t have to invite them, because they will smell that cake baking.

At the end of the day it is all up to you.  I hope you found this guide helpful and answered your questions about how do you simplify your life.  Yes that’s right, you.

You have to want simplicity in your life.

To get rid of the anxiety and the stress.

To fill that space with joy, peacefulness and calm.

You deserve it!

You can do it.

You really can.


What does it mean to live a simple life? These 7 tips will guide you to simplicity & show the benefits of simple living. Includes mindfulness, journaling, technology fasts, living small, and slowing down to fully live. #simpleliving #voluntarysimplicity #mindfulness #minimalism #simplelivingtips #simplelivinglifestyle #savingmoney
Your Ultimate Guide to Full Time RVing!

Your Ultimate Guide to Full Time RVing!

Full time RVing.  Could you do it?  And if you think you could, just what steps would you need to take to get ready?

If you are considering downsizing from a home (what we full-timers call ‘bricks & mortar’) then this guide is for you! And if you have arrived here from 33 Reasons Why Living In An RV Full Time Beats Living in a House, then thanks so much!

This post will share my experiences, and those of other full-timers on the steps that are necessary to make the transition from a house to full time RVing!

This is the 2nd article of a three-part series about living simply. The three posts include:

  1. Could you live in an RV Full time?
  2. A beginner’s guide to getting ready for full time RVing
  3. What Does It Mean to Live a Simple Life?

Also, the guide starts after you have decided to sell your home or sublet and have chosen your new RV home! At the end of the post I’ve listed a number of resources for you to check out to help you with those decisions.

This guide will cover:
1. Downsizing and getting rid of your stuff
2. Stocking the RV – what you need to live comfortably
3. RV Equipment
4. RV Maintenance and Roadside Assistance
5. Getting into the Full Time RVing Mindset
6. RV Tips and Tricks (downloadable checklist!)

And since there is so much information in this post you may want to save it as a PDF for later!

Full Time RVing means answering two key questions:

  1. Where you currently live?
  • Do you have a house to sell?
  • Or an apartment to sublet?
  1. What type of RV do you want to live in?
  • A travel trailer, like an ultralight or 5th wheel?
  • A motorhome – Class A, B or C
  • A more fixed residence like with a destination trailer or park model where you will stay in one spot for several months per year, and then travel to the second destination (this is what we do now!)

These are the fun decisions, going to RV shows, researching on the internet, checking out the facebook groups, figuring out what it will cost!

So now you’ve made those decisions or at least narrowed them down to a few finalists.  But before you put the house up for sale, or sublet your apartment or townhouse, here’s our Ultimate Guide of How To Prepare for Full Time RVing – or Full timing as the regulars call it! 🙂

Downsizing Your Stuff – It’s Time

If you live in a house chances are you have acquired lots and lots of stuff!  I know, I feel your pain.  For us we had an entire basement, and four bedroom home full of stuff.  Oh and did I mention the loft in the garage?  No?  Well that too.

The decluttering and organization experts tell us that to get rid of our stuff we need a number of piles – to sort everything into.

So I created four categories:

  • Stuff to Sell

  • Stuff we just had to keep

  • Stuff to give away

  • Stuff to throw away

Each category has its own coloured post it note.  How we survived all this time without post-its I have no idea.  But I digress.

Sounds easy right?  Well for us, this was the most painful part of the process.  Let me explain.

 1. Stuff to Sell:

We used a number of different ways to sell stuff – ebay, Craiglist, privately through friends and of course the tried and true Yard Sale or Tag Sale as some might call it.  Deciding what to sell wasn’t the hard part.  It was seeing it sell for mere pennies on the dollar.  All that money we had spent on a snowblower, small trailer, shelving for the garage, overhead travel bin for the car.

So please be prepared, and be ready that this will happen to you too.  We left our tag sale until late in the process – only two weeks before closing on the sale of our house.  So we really had to get rid of it all.  No need for a snowblower, no place to put that beautiful wicker patio set we bought for the oversized deck on our oversized house.  You get the picture right?

Now lots of furniture and big ticket items just didn’t sell, so we decided to donate it to local charities.  They are always so grateful, and this helps people in need so it really did take the sting out of the lost $$.

2.  Stuff You Just Have to Keep

Now in this category are the treasures and mementos that you are unwilling to part with.  We divided these into things we could:

  • Give away now – like grandma’s rocking chair to my niece
  • Put into storage for the future.
  • Items you can use in the RV

The heirlooms and treasures again, that was the easy part.  It was the treasures we had accumulated as a family over the years.  In our case it was the art work we had collected during our travels.  I could not part with it.  I just couldn’t.  So we had a small amount of items that store either in the storage shed in the park, or in a regular storage locker, all well wrapped so that the elements can’t hurt them.

Someday you will leave the open road, and want this stuff, and it will be there waiting for you.  I figured that the low $$ per month storage was well worth the peace of mind.  Usually the smallest locker you can rent is 10x10 so keep that in mind.

Kitchen items like a slow-cooker, small pressure cooker and toaster oven are great assets to any RV kitchen!  Most RVs have a microwave and there are lots of awesome recipes you can make, and bake!  It doesn’t have to be all BBQ!

I recommend two sets of sheets, pillowcases and blankets, so that when one needs to be washed, you have a second set.  The same with towels.  Everything else give away.

3.  Stuff You Can Give Away

Clothing fits into this category, and usually kitchen equipment, bedding and towels.  There is only so much room in an RV for everything, so you need to prioritize.   You might have friends whose kids are setting up their first apartment or going to college.   This section also includes dry and canned goods that you won’t be able to use that aren’t expired.  Pack up the car and make a trip to your local food bank.  They will receive them gratefully.

Post a note to all your friends on facebook and let them know that if it isn’t picked up by a specific time and date, it’s going to get pitched.


4. Stuff You Throw Away

I think we are collectors by nature.  If you are a Costco shopper or keep a large pantry of dry and canned goods in your basement, check the expiry dates.

Chances are that great deal on salad dressing didn’t get used up.  I still have 12 bottles of toilet bowl cleaner, but there ya go.

Items that are still good that you can’t fit into the RV are great items to drop off at your local food bank.

Everything else gets boxed up and taken to the landfill.  You need to keep in mind how they will receive certain items, like electronics and other recyclables.  We were given a coupon by our realtor for a local company that hauled everything away for you for a flat fee.  We were down to the wire by that time, I think the house closed the next day, so it was a lifesaver!

The Important Details

RV Maintenance & Insurance:

This is a big one, and we thought we had it covered, but alas didn’t.  If you buy a used RV, then make sure it is road ready and safe.

Pay particular attention to the tires people.   Often these RVs have been sitting somewhere, and those tires haven’t run on the road in a long time.  Put at least $1500 in the budget for a good set of new tires. (this is approximate cost for a Fifth Wheel, tires for a motorhome will be more)


If this is your first rodeo take the time to meet with the RV dealer, or former owner.  Have them take you through the basics, like how to hook up the sewer hose pipe, where the black and grey water valves are, and how to dump the holding tanks.  A huge set of heavy rubber gloves is a good investment for this chore!


Most RVs (new and used) come with a stack of warranty and User guides – everything from the floor to the roof vents.  Be sure to keep this in a place where you can find it at a moment’s notice.  Better still, set up a three ring binder and file it all by product.  This will save you so much time, and when we travelled we referred to our warranties and User Guides many many times.


Insurance and Roadside Assistance round up this section.  Insurance on your RV as well as your vehicle – they are not one and the same.  Choose a deductible that your budget will stand.  I’m not an insurance expert by any means, but of course like your car insurance, the higher the deductible, the less you will pay in premiums.


We highly recommend Good Sam Roadside Assistance.  They are the gold standard in my opinion, and helped out of some really difficult situations.  Don’t skimp on this.   Have it all set up before you leave.

Full time RVing, is it right for you? If you are considering downsizing from a home then this beginner’s guide to RVing full time is for you! Click through to see the FREE printables too! #rv #rvlife #rving #simpleliving #simple #lifestyle

Getting Into the right mindset

While hitting the open road, and living full time in an RV appeals to the romantics in all of us, there are definitely adjustments you need to make.


You need to be ready for a lot of togetherness.  This is small space living at its finest, some call it glamping!  There is no spare bedroom to get up and go to when your partner is snoring.  But the sound of rain on the roof of your RV when you are all snug and cozy inside is blissful.


RV Living requires some planning too.  Like laundry days, when to restock on groceries, travel time and having fun!


Be prepared for the naysayers too.  Family and friends just may not understand why your leaving your jobs, selling your house and embracing the full time RV lifestyle.  I’m sure our family doesn’t quite understand it yet, even 4 years later!


For some there is even a negative connotation for living in an RV or trailer.  But people have their own built-in beliefs and prejudices.  You can’t change that.  Hopefully they will see how happy and balanced your life is and they will want to try RV living too!


Seriously, all you can do is reassure them that you haven’t lost your mind, and that you will send them photos of your travels.  And with the technology we have today, you can stay in touch anytime you can find a WIFI signal.

Now you Need New Stuff

Stocking the RV:

Shopping is a good thing anytime, so as you have been getting rid of stuff, there are certain things that you just won’t have that are necessary to full time RV living.  Measure your kitchen space, and closets to see what will and what won’t fit.  Places like Amazon and Camping World are  great resources for new stuff.

There is now a need for 1 ply toilet paper for example.  That thick ultra-soft 3 ply stuff you used at home just won’t work in an RV.  Oh you can use it, but the first time you have a plugged sewer hose, you’ll never use it again!

RV equipment essentials:

  • Wheel chocks
  • Levelling blocks
  • Fifth wheel hitch and king pin stabilizer
  • Torque wrench
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Sewer hose pipe
  • Sewer hose pipe rack to keep it off the ground
  • Outdoor extensions cords
  • 30 amp adapter plug (most RVs have 50 amp electrical plugs so this lets you plug in to a 30 amp service)
  • Clear sewer connector
  • Water hose and water filter
  • Zero gravity chairs for lounging
  • Propane BBQ (table top for travel)
  • Several large plastic bins for underneath storage
Here are some RV Tips and Tricks that I wanted to share.  These are things that we have learned from personal experience.


21 RV Tips and Tricks – Your Checklist for Carefree RV Living!


Full time RVing, is it right for you? If you are considering downsizing from a home then this beginner’s guide to RVing full time is for you! Click through to see the FREE printables too! #rv #rvlife #rving #simpleliving #simple #lifestyle

You can download these printables here!

Gee Judy, that’s a huge list, and now I don’t even know whether or not I want to live in an RV full time!  What gives?


Transitioning from a house to full time RV living is a major lifestyle change.  We jumped into it feet first, but we had some idea of what life would be like since we had an RV for recreation for a couple of years.  You may want to do that, and get your feet wet first.


Far be it from me to dissuade your eagerness to adapt this awesome lifestyle though.  I know of lots of people who just went for it and learned by doing and living.  That’s ok too.


I just wanted you to have some preparation, learn from our mistakes, and hopefully save some money too!

We have absolutely no regrets, and I’m still hopeful that there is a class A motorhome in our future for us to travel in during the winter months.  There’s so much to see yet before I want to settle into one place.


And I’m not looking at a motorhome that costs a bazillion dollars either.  Our neighbor next door has an awesome 1994 Class A he bought for $25,000 (CAD)!  Those deals are still out.  So hopefully I can convince my sweetie that this will be our next big adventure….




The opportunities are endless!




I promised you some resources.

There are tons of websites that will help you answer these questions, and even more facebook groups!  Here is a list to get you started.

Wheeling It

Heath and Alyssa

Making Sense of Cents


Full time RVing, is it right for you? If you are considering downsizing from a home then this beginner’s guide to RVing full time is for you! Click through to see the FREE printables too! #rv #rvlife #rving #simpleliving #simple #lifestyle
33 Reasons Why Full Time RV Living Has Become So Popular

33 Reasons Why Full Time RV Living Has Become So Popular

Have you ever thought about RV living and what it would be like to live full time in an RV?

To just be able to pick up and go wherever your heart takes you?

I’ll bet you’ve seen those posts on Facebook where folks talk about selling up their homes, getting rid of the Stuff and seeking a simple life full of travel and adventures.

I know.  Me too.

About 5 years ago we decided we wanted to travel in the US and Canada more and were looking at how to do that with our then three dogs*.

We wanted adventure, comfort and it needed to be affordable.

Why an RV?

As kids, my brother and sister and I had many wonderful adventures in our little travel trailer that my Dad pulled with his Ford Mercury – or something like that.

We were little vagabonds, and while I can’t imagine it was much of a vacation for my Mom, it was magical for us.

And my Dad loved to drive! Hours and hours at a time. Looking back I expect this was because he only had a couple of weeks’ vacation to fit everything in, but of course I didn’t understand that then.

I do remember the night that man landed on the moon, though. We were in Sault Ste Marie, Michigan and just setting up the trailer.

And Dad came in and with a voice full of emotion, told us. “Well, man has landed on the moon. Isn’t that something?”

This is the first article of a three-part series about Simple Living, and explores the possibilities of full time rv living, the adventures of full-time RVing, as well as a guide on how you can incorporate living simply, living happily into your life.


  1.  Could You Live In An RV Full Time?
  2.  A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Ready for Full Time RV Living
  3.  What does Simple Living Mean to You
Full Time RV Living is very popular! Have you every wondered what it would be like to live in an RV full time? Full time RV Living is affordable too! We've got 33 reasons why full time RV living has become so popular. #rv #rvlife #rvling #simple #simpleliving #lifestyle #camping

So when I shared these stories with my city born and bred sweetheart, he was eager to experience the same.

And we did it.

At first, we kept the bricks and mortar, bought a huge diesel-dually truck and a great 5th Wheel RV trailer. These two things sealed the deal on our great adventures for the next two years.

Now when some folks talk about RVs they often refer to motorhomes – you know where the engine and trailer are all one vehicle?

Well RV does in fact stand for ‘recreational vehicle’ so I will use the term “RV’ interchangeably and it can mean anything that

a) has wheels

b) is driven or pulled by a truck.


Our maiden voyage was trip to the South Carolinas, to visit friends, go to the US Open, vacation for two weeks, and then another two weeks on Canada’s east coast, as we headed north and then east to our beloved Prince Edward Island.


PEI will always be my ‘second home’ no matter where I roam. The tiny island’s location just can’t be beat.

I hope you get there some day. We haven’t been for three years, so I think we’ll be heading there soon.

But the big takeaway from this trip, and our first (well first for Mark) RV adventure?

We were hooked on RV living, and wondered out loud, why on earth we needed to keep slaving away to pay for a huge (but lovely) home in a subdivision that required a three hour a day commute for each of us.

We had just spent an entire month living in a 32’ RV that boasted a comfy queen sized bed, air conditioning, a microwave, flat screen TV, and a comfy sofa and recliners.


A roomy bathroom with a shower that could be cleaned in 10 minutes flat. What more did we need?

Time. To. Pack.

If this sounds romantic, well it can be. But no bones about it, life is full of challenges no matter where you live, and what you live in.

RV Living is no exception. The first time your black water tank gets plugged you’ll know what I mean!

Or you have a tire blow out in the middle of nowhere. Cue roadside assistance!

To help you decide if you think RV Living would work for you and your family, I’ve put together a list of sorts, on why I think full time RV living is superior to living in a bricks and mortar house.

33 Reasons Why Full Time RV Living Beats Living in a House Hands Down


1. Easy to clean – Instead of hauling my central vac up and down the stairs of our former 2500 square foot home, vacuuming the RV takes about 5 minutes. 10 if I dawdle.

2. The dishes are always done without a dishwasher! With small space living, you need the countertops!

3. No property taxes, huge utility bills, and home maintenance costs – Gone. When traveling, utilities like hydro and water are included in your lot fee. You can even save more if you join an RV club like Good Sam or KOA.

4. No debt – the mortgage is gone and typically your overhead is very low. We had an investment that matured, so used that to buy our 5th wheel. No monthly payments.

5. Minimalist lifestyle – you will be so surprised at how your stuff disappears!

6. Simple living – relaxed 

7. You will discover a sense of community – to celebrate, to help each other out….we have more friends, people we’ve met on our travels, and closer relationships with our neighbours now than we ever did living in a subdivision.

8. Unplug – but know that technology can keep you connected while you travel. We video chat with our kids and grandkids regularly.

9. Carefree – wherever you can drive – that’s where you can go!

10. The freedom to travel.   Our Full Time RV lifestyle has allowed to travel to wonderful places like Italy, Florida, Southern US, and Quebec and the Maritimes in Canada!

11. More money in the bank.  RV Living means a lot less stuff.  When you see that shiny object you want, you will think “where will we put this?” 

12. You will learn how to be organized

Full Time RV Living is very popular! Have you every wondered what it would be like to live in an RV full time? Full time RV Living is affordable too! We've got 33 reasons why full time RV living has become so popular. #rv #rvlife #rvling #simple #simpleliving #lifestyle #camping

13. It’s easy to work on the road and is great for freelancing – like starting a Blog!

14. Your expenses are so much less – perfect for living with a reduced income, like retirement.

15. You will be happier, and discover Hygge – the Danish of concept of being happy!

16. You learn to adapt quickly – like when you get a flat tire and have to boondock for two days while being repaired.

17. You will learn a whole new vocabulary like boondocking

18. You really can live a rich life on so much less.  RV life is simple living at its best.

19. Your focus will change.  You will focus on experiences and really living your life.   Savoring the moments.  Your need for stuff will diminish.

20. You become closer – to your partner, spouse or pets, and appreciate the importance of teamwork.

21. You learn to get along with the neighbors – if not, you can move!

22. RV’s are so much easier to afford, and renovate if you don’t buy brand new!

23. No commitment to the property – don’t like where you’re parked? Just move!

24. Frees up money/budget to enjoy other things – like golf, fitness memberships or take up a new hobby.

25.You learn the importance of road side assistance!

26. You learn how to make s’mores and other campfire treats

27. You no longer need a Costco membership – no storage!

28. You reconnect with Mother Nature.  Nothing beats walking the dogs at night and gazing up at a full moon, that is so big and bright you can almost touch it.

La Bella Luna!

29. Meal planning is a breeze, and you learn to use your slow-cooker, pressure cooker and other small appliances! Eating out becomes much less important

30. You will have less stress and sleep like a baby

31. You become resourceful and learn how to troubleshoot maintenance issues. The importance of good black water tank maintenance, keeping the A/C filter clean, and checking the levels on your propane tanks.

32. You will have more time.

Seriously, you will! Remember that 3 hour a day commute I had? I’ll bet you have something very similar right now. I’ve used the time to reconnect to some hobbies I’ve always loved, like decorative painting, and knitting.

33. So I’ve saved the best to last. Can you get what it is?

— It’s that wonderful sense of peace and balance that is restored to your life.

That feeling you get when you are not beavering away to keep all the balls up in the air, to pay the bills, to continue your sleep deprived life of working to pay the tax-man.

I have yet to meet one person who lives in their RV full time that isn’t happy with their decision.

Last year we decided to trade our beloved 5th Wheel in for a Destination Trailer. So we are now parked in Ontario, Canada for 8 months of the year, with a plan to head south for the winter as soon as I retire*.

We still don’t know what that will look like, be it a motorhome, or an RV park like we live in now.

We know for sure that it won’t be a house, condo, or anything that resembles home ownership.

We have neighbors that embrace RV living here in the park full time in their RV’s for 8 months of the year, and then travel to the southern states.

One couple goes to Arizona, where they work for their keep for the winter.

One man heads for Nevada with his dog and a wonderfully restored vintage motorhome!

Another husband and wife have a home in Ireland and that’s where they winter for four months.

Just two lots up are a much younger couple who also pull a 5th wheel, and travel all over the US in the winter. They are freelancers and told us they hit 44 states last winter!

You can see the possibilities are endless.

And for us?

We’ve not had one regret.  People ask if I don’t miss living in a house, or my big kitchen with the granite countertops.

I really don’t.  Not one bit.

We are just so much happier with our chosen lifestyle.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I have writing it for you!  We’ve had an incredible journey so far, and it’s far from over!

That’s the beauty of RV Living.  There is always a new adventure just around the corner.

There’s a favorite saying of mine, that I’ve seen many times during our travels and now here throughout the park.  For me it says it all..


Full Time RV Living is very popular! Have you every wondered what it would be like to live in an RV full time? Full time RV Living is affordable too! We've got 33 reasons why full time RV living has become so popular. #rv #rvlife #rvling #simple #simpleliving #lifestyle #camping


*Canadians cannot spend more than 180 days in the US or they may be considered residents, and required to file a tax return. Equally important, depending upon the province you live in, there is a requisite number of days that you must be in Canada to maintain universal health care, and pension benefits. You can read all about that here


Full Time RV Living is very popular! Have you every wondered what it would be like to live in an RV full time? Full time RV Living is affordable too! We've got 33 reasons why full time RV living has become so popular. #rv #rvlife #rvling #simple #simpleliving #lifestyle #camping

How To Set Up a Baker’s Pantry

How To Set Up a Baker’s Pantry


How To Set Up A Baker’s Pantry.

Okay so the holidays are almost here, you have been seeing all these drool worthy recipes on social media – like facebook, pinterest, twitter, instagram and YOU ARE READY!

There is that family dinner your significant other wants you to go to and the ask is to take dessert.  So what’s wrong with going to the favorite bakery and ordering up their specialty, super d’ duper pumpkin pie?  Nothing at all of course, but maybe, just maybe, you could really bake a homemade pie just like this luscious lemon meringue?  You can!  And I’m going to help you.

Here is the list you really need! Pie Baking Equipment for Under $20 - everything you need to get ready to bake some drool worthy recipes!

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to many would be bakers is the baking ingredients and equipment needed, or in most cases, the lack of it.  Not many kitchens these days have the requisite pastry mats, rolling pins, baking pans, pastry cutters,…..well you get where I’m going.  And ingredients like all purpose flour, baking soda, baking powder, sugar and certain spices.  All of this is usually acquired over time.  If you went to purchase it all at once, WHOA, that would really add up!

Did you know that baking soda is used in many baking recipes?  Here is a cool article that shares just how many different uses baking soda has.

So I thought about what basic baking ingredients and equipment would be needed to help you get organized for Holiday Baking and to set up your Baker’s Pantry. And most importantly, how we could keep the cost to a minimum.

No matter what your circumstances are, what size of kitchen, if you live in a large home or a tiny apartment like I do (and an RV on the weekends!) being organized can turn any baking activity into an absolute delight!

It has taken me many years to learn this, but a few years ago I started to keep all of my baking supplies separate from my regular pantry and grocery items.

rolling pins, measuring spoons and cups on granite counter

I have a very small jam cupboard that holds all of my spices, flavorings, sugars, flours, anything I use for baking.  That means you only have one place to look to see what item is running low, and more importantly when you have your recipe out and you start to gather ingredients, everything is in its place.  Cool huh? You don’t even need a jam cupboard or separate pantry, a shelf in your cupboard will do just fine, or a corner of your kitchen counter.  Just so long as you keep your baker’s pantry items separate and easy to get too.

One of the best places I know of to get good quality and inexpensive pie baking equipment are the dollar stores, or big box stores.  I like the dollar stores like Dollar Tree or in Canada we have Dollarama.  They have a huge line of Betty Crocker Baking Equipment that is not only well made, but it looks good too!

display of baking pans and pantry tins in Dollarama


Here is the list you really need! The Baking Essentials to help you get organized, set up your Baker’s Pantry and bake some drool worthy recipes! It includes what I feel are the basics, and also a list of ‘nice to have’ items.  Ideas for your next birthday, perhaps?

I’ve also included a link so that you can download the Shopping List as a printable.  Just click the image or this link!    Click here for your FREE Pantry Shopping List! 

Even experienced bakers will benefit from this list, perhaps as a reminder of something they have wanted to add, or something that needs replacing.  I’m always on the lookout for mixing bowls and spoons.  And pie servers.  I never seem to have enough pie servers.

I hope this helps to get your Baking Pantry set up and that being organized will make your next baking experience that much more enjoyable.  Please drop me a line in the comments below and share your experiences!

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DIY Homemade Food Gifts | How To Wrap a Pie for a Gift!

DIY Homemade Food Gifts | How To Wrap a Pie for a Gift!

Homemade Food Gifts are a wonderful way to share the love!

homemade food gifts, baking gifts, bridal shower, DIY, kitchen shower, pies make perfect gifts, the gift of pie


Usually around the holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, we often see beautifully photographed articles in my favorite magazines about food and baking gifts you can create to give to friends and family.  A popular theme at kitchen showers these days is to share recipes with the Bride-to-be.  There are some adorable printable recipe cards online that help you do just that.  So in doing my research and wanting to create the perfect blog post for you, I decided to take this idea one step further.  To actually create the perfect homemade food gift – it could be a delicious Chocolate Cake, a mouthwatering Cheesecake or a fresh batch of your favorite cookies.

homemade food gifts, baking gifts, bridal shower, DIY, kitchen shower, pies make perfect gifts, the gift of pie

There are so many events where you could share your delicious homemade food gift.  Some ideas are:

  • Kitchen Shower
  • Holiday Gifts like Christmas
  • Hostess Gift
  • Pot Luck
  • School or Charity Bake Sale

homemade food gifts, baking gifts, bridal shower, DIY, kitchen shower, pies make perfect gifts, the gift of pie


I’m always on the lookout for a unique way to combine my love of baking and creativity to come up with a gift that keeps on giving.  By now the word is out – my passion for baking and pies means that family and friends often ask for their favorite pie – and the recipe!

Give The Gift of Pie!

I wanted to share how I wrap a pie as a homemade food gift with you! Kind of like DIY meets Baking!

What is it?  Well I bake a pie, place it in a beautiful pie dish or plate, add a pie server, print out the recipe and wrap it all up in a bow – I like to use raffia, it has a homespun, but elegant look.

I usually have a fairly good inventory of pie plates and pie servers since I love to haunt antique shops and flea markets.  This is helpful because often you don’t have a lot of time to put a homemade food gift together.

If you know the person receiving the gift, this part is easy, you can put together a pie plate and server fairly easily.  But even if you don’t, I typically choose a combination that I really like personally.  It hasn’t failed me yet!

homemade food gifts, baking gifts, bridal shower, DIY, kitchen shower, pies make perfect gifts, the gift of pie


Next comes the pie.  Again, a bit of thought needs to happen here as to what type of pie you want to give.  If the event is close to home, perhaps an elegant lemon meringue – or mousse.

If you need to travel a bit – why not try  a delicious chocolate or pecan pie, something with a fairly stable filling, that can be warmed by your host/hostess – or popped into the freezer, so that he or she can enjoy it another day!

The final touch is the recipe.

I just love the look of these beautiful calligraphy recipe cards and I hope you do too.

They are free for you!

You can be sure that your homemade food gifts idea will be happily received and talked about for some time.




Five Steps To Make Perfect Pie Crust! | Easy as Pie!

Five Steps To Make Perfect Pie Crust! | Easy as Pie!

youcanliverichonless.com, pieladybakes.com, perfect pie crust, how to make pie crust

Pie crust from your food processor? You are going to love this pie crust recipe! Even if you are a complete newbie, or have had trouble in the past making beautiful, flaky pie crust, HELP IS HERE!

You should know too, that helping people to learn how to make delicious pie crust is kind of a personal mission of mine.  I want the whole world to enjoy making pie crust!

Because we all know what happens after you make that perfect pie crust recipe right?  You know it.  A perfect pie is soon to follow.  🙂

When I was learning pastry making, particularly how to make pie crust, the old tried and true ways always worked for me. I used a handheld pastry blender, taking my time and being careful to fully blend the flour, shortening (or butter), and the rest of the ingredients.

And that’s because I learned my mother’s pie crust recipe and she got it from my grandmother. It appeared to me then, and it still does to this day – to be a labour of love. Mixing pastry dough by hand was just part of the process, and there was a skill to it, you really needed to mix everything in sequence and get the pastry dough to the right texture – to be ready to roll out for pie crust.

Two types of pie crust edging, braided and fluted, ready to go into the oven

But a couple of months ago, when I was trying a new recipe, the instructions included the use of a small food processor. I was amazed and happily surprised at not only how quickly and easily the pastry dough came together, but that the quality of the pastry dough was excellent. I almost laughed out loud at the ease of use, thinking back to my catering days when I would be required to bake 50-60 pies for one event!

Small food processors have become a mainstay in a busy cook’s kitchen. I have had mine for a while, but didn’t really start to use it until recently. And the reason for that is that I am now using my food processor when I mix up my perfect pie crust recipe. Seriously.

There are a number of good brands on the market.   You can get them just about anywhere, Walmart, Kitchen Stuff Plus, or Bed Bath & Beyond to name a few.  Just make sure the bowl or bin will hold about 8 cups (1.9 litres) – so that you can use your food processor for a variety of uses.

  • Put the dry ingredients into the bin, put on the lid and pulse for a few seconds, just to blend.
  • Next take the butter or vegetable shortening and add it to the dry mixture.
  • I don’t use the chute for this and I cut the shortening/butter into small chunks.
  • Put the lid back on and pulse until the butter is very finely chopped.
  • Then add the ice water.
  • I do use the chute for this.
  • Pulse away and voila! Pastry dough ready to bake a pie.
  • It’s that easy and very little, if any messes to clean up.

The easiest perfect pie crust recipe ever.  Easy as pie!

Get my free ebook, How To Make Pie Crust the Easy Way, by clicking below!

How to Make Pie Crust the Easy Way!

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5 Steps To Make Perfect Pie Crust Recipe
an easy pastry dough recipe that mixes up in minutes - ready to roll out to make a pie
Author: Judy
  • 2 cups cake and pastry flour
  • 1/2 cup unsalted butter - cut into small chunks
  • 1/2 cup vegetable shortening - cut into small chunks
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 1/3 cup ice cold water
  1. Place the dry ingredients into the bin and pulse.
  2. Next add the butter and shortening a little at a time and pulse until the mixture is coarse.
  3. Gradually add the water through the chute - while pulsing.
  4. The pastry dough will mix very quickly.
  5. Remove it from the bin - be careful with the blade!
  6. Wrap into two evenly shaped balls of pastry dough and cover with plastic wrap
  7. Chill in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
  8. You are ready to roll out your piecrust!
Recipe Notes

You can freeze the pastry dough as well. Or if you leave it in the refrigerator longer than 30 minutes - let it sit out for 30 minutes, before you start to roll it.

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